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for those of you who didn't follow me to the .com

Wow. It's been nearly a year since I was last here. Where I left LJ, I pretty much meant it. I pretty much have forgotten how to format this in HTML so I'm typing it in rich text. It's definitely use it or lose it, isn't it?
Anyway, if for some weird reason, you couldn't be bothered to keep up with this at exit265c.com, here's what happened in the past year:
  • I had a job interview over the summer in North Carolina near Wilmington. If you've been here from the start, you know that I picked the place solely because it was near Wilmington. It was a copy editor position. If you've been here from the start, you know that I've wanted to be a copy editor since before I started this blog and came to the full realization during my first internship at the Daily Press.
  • Hurricane Irene hit Central Virginia and nearly destroyed my newspaper building.
  • I turned down the job offer because I didn't want to leave with the building in shambles.
  • I got back together with the love of my life finally.
  • I was forced out along with the press manager the day the repairs were complete. Surprisingly, there were no hard feelings at all but another staff shake-up about a month later saddened me greatly.
  • Less than 48 hours later, I got the job I initially turned down. I now get paid far more money to do far less work in the capacity I've wanted. And it's near the beach.
  • I moved to North Carolina on New Year's Day.
  • And here we are
I don't know how long I'll be here. I'm currently 10 hours away from my girlfriend and, as we've talked this through, it would be easier for us to both relocate than for her to move here. Our goal is to make that happen by 2014. I like it here. If she can get a comparable job in her field nearby, perhaps we can make it work. For now, I'm enjoying every second at the beach and every second at the copy desk.
Oh, and I'm also staying on top of the latest scandal between my college newspaper and the school administration.
But you'd know all about that and everything else if you went to exit265c.com.
This place seems like a ghost town.

we've moved

the viaduct continues at exit265c.com!

this is not the end

A glitch with my domain service caused exit265c.com to go down temporarily. Earlier this month, LiveJournal was down because of a DoS attack.

The downtime spurred me to do something I've been meaning to do for a long while.

I'm abandoning LiveJournal.

The link will point, when the servers update, to my new site, which is hosted by WordPress. It'll have an actual about me page and all that shizz when it's no longer under construction. It kinda sucks that I literally can't look at it right now because the domain link doesn't exist right now. I can do back end stuff but I can't see it. It's slightly mind-blowing because WordPress is like “everything is set up and ready to go and perfect” but every link I click on goes to a temporary parking page with a smiling brunette and a slightly aloof woman of ambiguous ethnicity.

I'll be more excited when I can see it and it feels real. I mean, it will be professional-looking, will give me the ability to post different types of content and, hopefully, I won't have to deal with ESL spam comments.

This was a long time coming. I mean, this blogging site is more or less dead. If I'm going to be serious about getting my novel published, it would be nice to have my domain actually go to something I can configure to talk about my book first and have the blog somewhere else. I finally have an e-mail address I'm responsible for that links to gmail. I will have a mobile site. I can throw in my Twitter feed and make it the total package. So on and so forth. I'm boring you. I'm boring me.

Long story short, I'm on WordPress with my own domain name, I have an @exit265c.com e-mail address now, this is probably the last official post here on LJ and, after Dec. 1, this site will revert to a basic site. My photos will begin to disappear. I'll only be here to try to have a continual preservation of my EXIT265C brand.

It feels kinda weird and final. I'm leaving LJ. But the viaduct lives on. Just not here. After nearly seven years, I present viaduct2.0.

When the site comes up.

Stupid sexy limbo.

I'm listening to the song I was playing when I made my very first post in the blogosphere on LJ.

I won three press awards this weekend and was a panelist in another journalism conference. I am too drained to write a full report right now. I hate that being too tired to write blog entries is why I don't write blog entries.


I was playing an album earlier today in my car and a song called “Rising Sun” came on. The entire time, I was behind a truck with the plates RISGSUN.

I wonder how many entries I've named “moving.”

Our fourth roommate has found a new place and will be out of here at the end of May. Yet again, there is the option to move to the balcony room since we all pay the same rent. I'm back to my old dilemma: I would have to move my shit. I don't have enough shit to justify having a larger room. I'd have to share a common wall with another bedroom (granted, it's technically in another house but still).

Fetus, as I named him at one point, wasn't happy here, I think. It was for several reasons. For one, he goes to the Monroe Park Campus and not the MCV Campus. That means, some mornings, he has to fight commuters downtown to get across downtown to his 8 a.m. class. Additionally, although I wouldn't call us slobs, he's definitely a lot cleaner than we are. Also, he's the youngest. Matt, Shaunelle and I drink (some more than others). We've had parties (which, by pure coincidence, have all happened while he isn't here). We've all bonded in some way. He's kinda just here.

It's kinda funny. For at least two roommates in a row, the person in that room has just been the one who's just there.

I think that's part of the reason that I'm afraid to move in there. I mean, I doubt I'd sink into obscurity once I got in there but that room fosters not venturing into the rest of the house. I've mentioned that before.

I'm wondering who we'll get this time. We definitely need someone cool. I think we'll get someone awesome (definitely no one as awesome as I, though). I do hope it is someone who, on some Friday or Saturday, we can have a roommate's night out or doesn't think a Wednesday night is party night or doesn't have sketch friends.

It'll be fine.

In other news, I'm shaping up what I'm talking about in the Society of Professional Journalists panel Saturday. I get to speak on how social media leveled the playing field for my newspaper. Afterward, I get Virginia Press Association Awards. I'm excited about those. I know what I got. It wasn't exactly what I wanted but I like what they mean in relation to some stuff that I do now. The results are embargoed till Saturday and IT'S KILLING ME.

Something else is killing me as well. Actually, two things and I'm embargoing those things because this is my blog and I fucking can.

Anyway, I'm about another paragraph from passing out fully clothed with the light on so I'll end this here.


I really need to get back into finding an agent. And cleaning my room. And washing the dishes. I want to take more days off work but it's only the end of March. I may take a staycation day soon. It sucks that Mondays and Fridays are production days now, especially since I now design the front page, because every three-day weekend makes me feel guilty.

In other news, I need to write and send a certified letter over the weekend because this rigmarole over my accident nearly two years ago still isn't over. Fuck my former insurance company. Really.

Somehow, some way, before I breathe my last, I shall exact revenge on Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama.


into happiness

I slept from about 2:30 a.m. until about noon. Originally, I got up around eight but I got back into bed and willed myself back to sleep.

I puttered around on V for a bit and was about to grumpily work my way around the Church Hill Irish Festival to go the the grocery store. I cooked a pot of spaghetti to last me the weekend but I wanted not-spaghetti. Around the same time, Shaunelle made a reference to wanting a Wii. So we got in my car and got one.

We got it all set up and ready to go around 2 p.m. We stopped playing around midnight. Seriously.

I did absolutely nothing constructive all day. It was an amazing veg out session. I mean, typically, when I'm not working, I'm thinking about work, reading news, reading novels or watching educational programs. And “Jersey Shore.” I basically turned off the work portion of my brain Friday afternoon and haven't turned it on since. This is a record for me right now. I think the last time I've been this disconnected was for most of my vacation in Louisiana last year. It's doing me good; I feel amazing.

All I have planned for tomorrow is watching the VCU game. At this point, it doesn't matter whether we win or lose because we've more than proved ourselves. A team the major sports networks said didn't deserve to be in the playoffs is in the Elite Eight. They're in a city that should have professional sports and more prestige as a metropolis. Realizing that so many people haven't heard of a college of over 30,000 students makes you realize how large the country is. 30,000 people is a small city. Then again, how many cities of 30,00 do you know of in another state? It's just great that Richmond is getting the attention it deserves (and definitely would have by now if we didn't have independent cities; a lot of Henrico and Chesterfield should be in city limits and the city should/would have twice the population at least).

But I digress.

I want more of this and I know I'll get more of this. The newspaper is no longer a crisis. We have a lot of growing and changing to do right now but it doesn't have to consume my life anymore. I guess, in basest terms, I've relearned what it is to have fun again this month. It will do nothing but get me in a clearer mindset to revise my query letter and find a good fit for an agent or make an editorial decision in the paper or get things done at home on a regular basis (e.g. cleaning). There's only one thing that can take this incredible feeling of being a real person again to the next level. Much like the game, at this point, it doesn't matter if that wins or loses. I've more than proved myself. I've worked harder. It's time to work smarter and do this fifth year in Metro Richmond the right way.


Newspaper looked awesome, concert was awesome, a basketball team from Richmond heading to the Elite Eight was awesome, having pretty much nothing to do tomorrow is awesome.

this may have been the best Friday I have ever had. Since I have jack shit to do that is pressing this entire weekend, Saturday is looking up as well.


Since my vacation, I've kinda mentally checked out. I feel a lot better now. I need to get back into the swing of some things, like my agent search but I've been doing things like watching TV or reading books when I get home now. I've actually read three novels in the past week. I've also had a fancy dinner and saw a movie.

Basically, I'm becoming a normal person.

I've stopped going to work six days a week. I've shifted more to doing layout of the paper. I did pages 1, 2, 4 and 9 today. I did about half of 3 and I had a headline challenged/changed at crunch time that I didn't contest because there comes a point in layout day were it's not worth it. There might be some blowback because of it but whatever. I'll handle it because it's theoretically my fault.

Anyway, I changed the body text and added a serif headline font finally. When I got to the paper, they were using a horrid serif font that I killed but we swung pretty far in the other direction and used nothing but Helvetica for headlines. I've added Didot for headlines and switched the body text from Times to Palatino. Palatino is slightly larger which will, hopefully, stop some complaints about our font being too small. I compared our paper to two in the area and we definitely had the smallest text. I want to do more things with designing the page but we didn't have the greatest art for this issue. We crammed in nine local articles, though. To be honest, I'm 100 percent certain we have more local articles in three issues than the other two in seven. And this is with me writing less.

Corporate is coming next week. Money for an additional writer is wishful thinking but I would love it. If that were the case, I could/would layout the entire paper and spend the rest of the time doing my real managerial duties. I think I can at least ease into it. I think I'm going to take 3 completely from Katy at some point. It involves a few other tedious duties but, if I'm writing less, it's not a problem.

I really think not having the pressure of generating copy is what is really upping my quality of life right now. As I've said a few times before, I never had any intention of being a reporter and I've been writing where I am now out of necessity. I had mentioned a few months ago that we're finally out of emergency mode and I aim to keep it that way. Once I'm settled in this role, things should be even better.

If I'm running social media, content management for the site, laying out pages and fielding calls, do I need a new title?

One thing I need to do is get back into trying to get my novel published although I'm enjoying this brief moment of not having to actively have to think about it at all. This is the first break from it in years.

push it real good

On Friday, I'm going to this: Salt N Pepa, Biz Markie, Doug E Fresh, MC Lyte and Naughty By Nature.

For serious.

I don't even remember how I first heard of this. I think there was a commercial. Immediately, I found the link, posted it to Shaunelle's Facebook wall and declared that we were going. No excuses. This is like the concert we wanted to go to when we were six but couldn't because we were six.

This is going to be so amazing. I know all of you are jealous. Because you all are down with O.P.P.

I wanted to see two Richmond colleges in the Sweet Sixteen but hearing “Nobody Beats the Biz” live kinda trumps basketball.

I hope D.J. Kool shows up and they do “Let Me Clear My Throat.” I could just die right there and it would be OK.



So, a week ago, March 13, marked my fifth year in Central Virginia. To be perfectly honest, I never expected to be here for five years. As some of you recall, I was trying to claw my way out the second I got here. That was before I discovered how awesome Richmond is.

It's amazing to look back at what has changed in the past five years but I shan't bore you with that.

Last weekend was also technically, my second year in Richmond and my third Elliott-versary. I think I like the trend of having a March 13-ish party. It's a little weird that the day sticks out for several reasons, including my youngest nephew's birthday, the date of my grandmother's funeral and the day I swore was the date of my sister's birthday when I was a very little kid. I wonder why March 13 has/is playing a prominent role in my life.

Anyway, the party was pretty great. Some of you reading this were aware of it and where there. Those of you who are reading this and were aware of it and did not come missed an awesome time and hereby suck. Those of you reading this and had no idea that there were going to be a March 13 party need to get to know me better. Or move nearer to me.

It was a bittersweet party. The main focus was Bill. We celebrated his birthday and him going away to the Army next month. Over the years, he's gone from just a guy who came to my fraternity parties to my brother to my best friend. We're grown ups now so of course he's leaving but, you know. It seems like the next few months will be the third shake up of my social circle since high school. Sure, a lot of the continuity will remain as in we'll pick up right where we left off when we all meet again but we're going to be far flung.

Anyway, Bill's best friend since he was a kid is around and I still have friends in the area but, as I joked a few weeks ago, I need to hold auditions for someone willing to take a road trip at the drop of a hat and enjoys vodka.

Let's see ... what else have I been failing to update? Next week, I'm assuming more layout and design duties and cutting back on writing. I mean, I went into this industry with the intention of copy editing and laying out pages. I can't say something in particular about pages I have designed until April 10. I have no desire (although I'm damn good at it when I give a shit) to write anything other than fiction and frivolous blog entries. Why did it take me so many attempts to spell frivolous correctly?

As Katy and I discussed, I'd be a lot happier doing pages and other things around the office. I already want a complete inventory of fonts we have available and I think my rally cry is going to be Creative White Space. I know we're limited by printing thrice weekly but cramming five to seven articles on our front every issue is a bit ridiculous. Our front needs to breathe and our jump pages needs not be a giant mass of text every fucking issue. To be honest, if I had another writer, I didn't write at all and we had a contingency of AP wire for inside pages, we totally could be a five- or six-day paper right now. I said something along the lines of our paper being the Reuters to a competitor's CNN. It just needs to be more appealing visually. I'm afraid that, given the time to really design a page, it's going to wind up looking like a magazine but so be it. The sexy, sexy things I would do with an advance page. ...

What else? Looks like I'm successfully suck at landing an agent. I still haven't heard back from the last two. My concept of time is horrifically skewed so I don't think it's been a full two weeks for one but I'm 80 percent certain the other should have given me a polite “We think your query letter/first two chapters are shit” letter by now. I plan on revamping my query letter in the next few days because I'm obviously doing something wrong. I need to do more research too.

One of my friends just called. I don't feel like dealing with a drunk person right now. Oh. And there is a message. I almost want to just delete it. He announced on Facebook that he was going out drinking so there is nothing of value on that. I sometimes hate how annoying I think drunk people are when I'm not drunk. One would think it would make me less obnoxious but fuck that. I work to hard during the week to do a silly thing like have decorum when I decide to get ripped.

I'm half-wondering why I'm still up but I had a coffee milkshake at about 4 p.m. That was when I had my lunch. Lunch. It was the second latest I've had lunch so far this year. I haven't even eaten anything else today since I generally eat dinner around six. I'll probably be hungry as fuck at like 7 a.m. or whenever I wake up seeing that it's 3 a.m. and all right now.

I have many important things to do tomorrow “ like get my hair cut and make good on my mom's offer to spend her money before she changes her mind ” and prepare for what I hope is a wonderful time planned for Saturday night. Like probably playing Anita Baker in the car tomorrow night wonderful. I should probably get to bed so I can do those things.

I'm already looking at front pages at the Newseum site. We're getting daring once I get pumped and get a font inventory.

Speaking of pumped, how about RVA still having two teams in the NCAA tourney? Yet another reason why my adopted hometown is awesome.

This entry needs like eight tags.

five years

It's been a few days. Last weekend was a party and my fifth anniversary of living in Central Virginia. I'm too busy/too not wanting to write in front of a computer after work to make an update right now. Loaf wants me to play with him. The end.

no response so far

The place that has the first two chapters or whatever I sent said I would hear back in six weeks. Next week is six weeks. I'm assuming it taking six weeks is a no. I'm going to try a new batch of three with some real deep research next week. I'm not at all discouraged. This is my first time writing query letters. I have to learn how to sell my novel and myself to an agency.

In other news, I made some minor tweaks to the novel itself and, yet again, I'm declaring it officially done. Only I mean it this time. At 82,000 words, this is it. it's amazing that this started out as 15,000 words in 25 installments and that a decent portion of those 15,000 words are still in there. One of my friends wants to read it now so I'm going to send him a copy tomorrow or something like that. He'll be the first to see it with the real plot inserted in.

You read right. The first draft that was here and the ones some of my friends did an edit/review of wasn't the real version. A couple of the chapters were fakes. Look at it as a musician who records throwaway songs and leaks those to the Internet.

OK. I'll be truthful: About a year ago, I gave it another once over and realized that I set up something and then didn't write about it. So I did. And it required killing a good 25,000 words or so, redoing the ending and adding in information to make it flow smoothly. Surprisingly, it wound up being only slightly longer than what it was before. You should have seen how scared I was when it went from 80,000 to 64,000 when I first did the lopping. I mean, that was about a quarter of it.

So, starting next week, we head back to the drawing board.

I wish there were an easier way of doing this. Oh, wait, there is. I completely missed like three novel contests because I never thought of that route.

Oh, well.

I just want this to be over. At least I got the hard part done.

Off to bed. I meant to do that two hours ago.

Oh, one more thing. I'm tentatively considering moving this blog over to being hosted at Wordpress. The domain will stay the same if that happens. (You all are using http://exit265c.com to get here, right?) (I know, I should just make my own site but I'm lazy ... and, if my book is published, there will be a full site with this included somewhere.)



I didn't take any real pictures in New York because I decided I didn't feel like lugging a Canon 10D around. I would buy a point and shoot but I've broken/lost three of them since 2005. The last one was a Christmas present I took early and dropped before Christmas.

The trip started late. I didn't leave work until about 7 p.m. Thursday and I was pretty angry when I left because I was still there at 7 p.m. As I said once before, we have a small staff so anyone leaving is a little rough. I stopped scheduling things and I had something lined up to write but the story fell through and me not scheduling things lead to a minor problem. I wish we had more people so we had people to back us up but Steve Jobs had to fight for a day off in the first days of Apple, right?

That's all I'll say about work because this is neither the time nor the place beyond noting that my newsroom is amazing at what it can do given what it has and I really need to think of a way to show them how awesome I think they are. I wish I made enough money to schedule a private event for them or something. Perhaps if I can get my novel published. I should start round two of researching agents. It hasn't been six weeks yet but I'm assuming the last query that went out (the one that also has the first two chapters) isn't going to respond.

But I digress.

We got to Norfolk in enough time to watch “Jersey Shore,” which was awesome. Bill and I are obsessed with it because 1) we have spent far to much time in New Jersey (although we both hate the state) 2) We know someone who knows someone on the show and 3) We enjoy commenting on how awful they are.

The following day, we set out. We made decent time and, after we got settled, went to the hotel bar for happy hour then caught a cab to the PATH station in Newark. You see, we were planned to be in Brooklyn but that also fell through and I had to book a hotel room at the last second. We later found out that Karen could have gotten us a free room at the Marriott.

I picked the hotel because I thought it was one I stayed at before. I was at the one next to it. The one were we didn't have to pay for parking.

The cab ride to the PATH was about $25 one way. The station was three miles away. The hotel was situated in a way that it would have been impossible to walk to it.

When we got into the city, we went to McSorley's, which has a strong connection to my fraternity. Afterward, my grand little brother Matt, who lives in Brooklyn, showed up and he took us bar hopping. I spent too much and had too much. But I was on vacation, damn it. I hadn't had any real days off since Mardi Gras. Sure, this was only a four-day weekend and one of the days was a comp day and not a vacation but I left the state purely for pleasure for the first time in a a bit.

The next day, I saw Renée for the first time in a while and we had brunch while Bill, Karen, Brandon and Dan supposedly went sightseeing. Dan arrived via the Chinatown bus the night before and I drove into the city that day because I figured it would be cheaper than the cab + PATH (it was). After I ate something, my body realized that I partied the night before but I had to rally. I had to rally.

I met up with the group in Central Park near Strawberry Fields. They had seen next to nothing because Bill wasn't as good as getting around the city as he thought. We then went to a couple nearby landmarks, including Times Square and then headed close to my car for dinner. I was still trying to hold it together and it was a good thing that we sat down and ate and drank (water in my case) when we did. After that, I felt better, although I was a bit tired, and I drove them through Manhattan some more.

I love driving in Manhattan. Seriously. It is my favorite thing to do. I think I love the anarchy the most. It's like every traffic rule is suspended and the name of the game is don't hit anyone else because then you can't get to your destination on time. Anyone driving in Manhattan is obviously very important and has somewhere to go so, if you cut off that limo, that limo isn't going to hit you and vice versa. To be perfectly honest, I feel traffic runs smoother there than Mercury Boulevard in Hampton some late nights when you almost can hit cruise control. Everyone in my car noted how I go in a completely different driving mode and I sometimes wish I could bring that to Richmond but I'd probably get eight tickets. Also, I can't blast a Spanish-language radio station playing the most ludicrously festive-sounding music ever in the middle of Richmond either.

I started that as we came in through the Holland Tunnel and rode up the West Side till upper Riverside Drive because I always park up there due to the lack of parking meters and the ample parking. (Also, my car tends to be where I left it and intact.) I think it was Karen who asked why we had to play Latin music and my response was to turn it up more.

On the way back, I switched to a DJ mix of the top 40 Billboard songs this week (which made some of them tolerable) as I cut down 125th so Brandon could see the Apollo then took Park down to Grand Central. There was construction inside the Helmsley Building so I couldn't drive through it and had to cut over to Lexington to 21th then worked our way back into the Holland Tunnel.

The next day, yesterday, was a doozy. We left early and dropped Dan off at Newark Penn Station. As soon as we got back on the Turnpike, he called because the PATH wasn't running till 6 p.m. Instead of telling him of all the options he had to get back, I turned around and got him. It's not easy to get back into the Holland Tunnel from Penn Station so I took the Lincoln Tunnel. I fought my way over to Park and then cut over to Third at Union Square so I could stay on the Bowery, since Dan's bus dropped him off at Bowery and Canal.

At this point, Karen wanted coffee and we all wanted food. I figured it would be impossible to park in downtown so I hopped on the Brooklyn Bridge and hoped we'd find parking. We did not. Three hours later, we were finally back on Route 1 heading back toward Virginia. In a binding rainstorm. I finally stopped in Rahway, N.J. and then we booked it from there. I took Route 1 to 95 in Trenton and then got on 13 in Wilmington, Del. I did this partially because of our $50+ cab rides Friday night.

“New Jersey got enough of our money” I said when someone wondered why we were in Philadelphia.

Eleven hours later, we got back to Norfolk. I had hoped to be in my bed last night and putter around Richmond today. Instead, I got back in the afternoon and I've been sitting in my room in the dark for the past three hours or so after making spaghetti for dinner because that was quick.

I enjoyed myself but I'm not ready to go back to work tomorrow. I'm considering showing up around noon or so and just going to the council meeting. Katy suggested that so I think I will.

Actually, I am ready to go back to work. I needed the break. I didn't fully get away. I got a call from a city official and a few texts from a city resident and a couple from the newsroom. I'm a little pissed about that but I've come to the realization that I can't fully go on vacation while I am here. I can't afford it. Like I said before, our staff is small and being plugged into work 24-hours a day sometimes is a sacrifice we'll have to make if we want, at some point, there to be a larger staff so we can take a breather.

Speaking of breathers, I still have vacation days left. I think, especially since Bill will be off to the Army next month, I'm going to have at least one staycation in Richmond. If I get a nice book advance (or, suddenly, I get paid $10,000 or so more a year because corporate is feeling generous), in the next two years, Bill and I are going to Norway on an extended vacation. Yes, Norway. Longyearbyen to be exact. We're going in summer and who knows what will happen. I hope whatever it is involves Norwegian girls. Or tourist girls. We feel it will be an awful trip but that's why we want to go. I don't know how Bill exactly came up with the northernmost town of over 1,000 people, which should still have snow on the ground in July as, if we're lucky, it will get up to 47. But I'm all for it. Now that will be the blog entry to wait for when we get back. Even if something happens to me or him before 2013, one of us still has to go. This has to happen. I mean, it's fucking Longyearbyen, Norway during the midnight sun. Ha, I wrote “midnight suck” the first time around. I am anticipating this even more now. I hope I remember to title the opening entry of that voyage as “midnight suck.”

I'll be able to drive a snowmobile there. I wonder if that will top driving in Manhattan. Probably not..


Every now and then, I assess this blog and wonder hat a current or future employer would say. I curse a lot. Well, la dee dah.

I mean, if you go back, I mention being drunk but I'm over 21 and I haven't had any sordid stories in a while because I don't do lines of coke then drink half a bottle of jager then drive off into the desert to do unspeakable things to a 16-year-old. Because I'm not Charlie Sheen. I'm going to look back at this entry like 15 years from now and be like “Why did I mention Charlie Sheen?”

Anyway, the rant about work was in bad form but I'm letting it stay. It shows what we're dealing with. Including me, the newsroom staff is five. You could say six since we have someone doing most of our inside pages. That a ludicrously small number for the amount of work we do. We sometimes wonder how we even get a newspaper out at all. That said, we beat ourselves up a bit when we make a mistake. We freak out when there's a line on a page that is a pica or so in the wrong direction. And our readers aren't going to care, let alone know what a pica is. To quote one of my college editors in chief, I don't know what a pica is but I know it when I see it.

Making a mistake everyone notices is worse because we know it. So we're self flagellating and then the phone calls begin and our weeping and gnashing of teeth reaches a breaking point and I want to yell that they have no idea how underpowered we are and, if we gave just 100 percent like we did three years ago, they'd have what they had then.

This job is overwhelming and you have to set aside an outrageous amount of time out of one's personal life so it looks like a real newspaper. We were overwhelmed. I'm tired from blowing all my vacation days at once after working for over two years straight and I'm very glad to have four days off starting tomorrow because I'm now using those days wisely. It's great to have a full week off but that means that weeks and weeks will go by before you can take time off again.

We were overwhelmed and this is the only place I can rant. Some of corporate might be embarrassed but it's not like I hate my job or I'm the one being rude to customers on the phone.

To be honest, I've been finding this boring as of late. I mean, I'm slowly trying to get my novel an agent and I take pictures of architecture. If I were an employer looking at me, I wouldn't freak out about this. If you go way, way back I'd be concerned but I was fresh out of college and our online lives follow us forever. If someone has a problem with an unemployed drunken 22 year old blogging about being a unemployed drunken 22 year old, you're the one with issues because that was six years ago. I've never written anything with any true bias and I don't do anything aggrievedly illegal. I mean, I'm probably breaking some law right now typing this while sitting on my bed and playing music I legally purchased and put on my phone.

I just thought of this because of the whole someone trying to say I bashed the company last year on Facebook/on my blog and that never happened. I mean, I ranted in a status but not a lot of people can see that and it was about some people still not realizing that we print three days a week.

Speaking of work, although I'm about to take a vacation day, I'm 12 hours over for this pay period. I do need to go in today and run some errands before leaving so I should go do that.

Rambling here felt good, though. I need to get back into writing here. And making these more cohesive when I do.

Anyway, long story short, I still feel this is OK. But, if I ever get out of journalism fully and don't have a job where having some sort of super needing to be on the level caveats, I have some things I want to say.

For now, I'll settle with writing editorials.


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